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Albert Dalo pioneered Silver Lake in the early seventies. After his passing, his wife Anna Dalo continued Al’s traditions and established Silver Lake as the region’s premier home beer and wine supply source. In 2002, one of the Dalo’s customers, Anthony Moretti, proudly continued the legacy of this unique hobby shop. With over 40 years of wine making experience, Anthony, with his family, friends and dear owners of the next door Silver Lake Sausage Shop continue the passion of home brewing and home wine making. When you visit, you will understand how Silver Lake has been helping generations of its beer and wine making customers. Please visit and be part of the proud tradition.

We strive to make Silver Lake the most friendly, reliable and enjoyable retail shop in the country. We are patient, respectful and appreciative of our customers. As one of the longest established beer & wine supply shops in the nation, we are the only shop in Southeastern New England to offer all of the Wine Kits, all of the Seasonal Wine Grapes and all of the Fresh Seasonal Wine Juice. When you visit, you will find a great variety of Beer Kits and all essential brewing ingredients.

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